Vertical gardening with petunias

vertical gardening with petunias

I love all of the bright colors that petunias come in, and I love how they trail and multiply until, by the end of the summer, one plant has grown to monstrous proportions!  Unfortunately, around here petunias are almost impossible to grow because they must be very tasty – to deer, to rabbits, and to slugs, just to name a few.

The answer:  vertical gardening.  I used these coffee cans last year as an herb garden, but it’s too far away from the house for convenient cutting while I’m making dinner, and I didn’t like how the cans had rusted.  I thought that the petunias would grow and cover up the cans, but now that they’re planted, I kind of like the “rust patina” look.

They get lots of afternoon sun, which makes them happy, but which makes it critically important to remember to water them every day.  It’s amazing how quickly I lose plants when I get busy and forget a few days of water during a hot spell!

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