Birthday peonies

peony 1

I can never decide on my absolute FAVORITE flower, because there are so many that I love, but if I had to pick, I think it would be peonies – which makes it so nice that they’re blooming this year on my birthday!

peonies 2

We have over a dozen varieties planted on our property, including two gorgeous yellow tree peonies, and probably over 50 plants in all – they look so wonderful in rows that I’ve used them to border a rock wall and the top ledge of a boulder retaining wall, as well as in groupings at the front doorstep and individually in nooks and crannies around the yard. ┬áMy mantra is you can never have too many peonies!

peonies 3

I like all of the different varieties you can get in peonies – for instance, this one, with the single layer of petals, the dark red color, and the bright yellow stamen, is a completely different look than the typical pink, fluffy peony:

peonies 4

peonies 5

I think that they’re especially beautiful in pure white, either alone or grouped to set off other colors:

peonies 6

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  1. love peonies!
    happy birthday!

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