Under the sea

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I spent this week knitting an octopus – now how many people can say that?!  The pattern was free from the ever-amazing Purl Bee, and I used Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight Melange yarn in color Cornflower.  I was worried about knitting a stuffed animal with 100% alpaca yarn – usually I prefer cotton, because it doesn’t stretch out of shape when you try to stuff it – but I couldn’t resist the softness and the gorgeous heathered colors of this yarn.

The octopus in the pattern is knit in white, but I wanted a more “seaworthy” color – at first I looked at the oranges (I guess I’m thinking that’s a real octopus’ color?), but then opted for something more reminiscent of the ocean.  I love these heathered colors because even though there’s no tonal variation, it still gives a much richer color with more depth and variety (sounds like I’m describing a wine!)  I didn’t think it made sense for an octopus to be just a single shade of color, after all 🙂

The octopus is knit double-stranded on US 6s – as with all stuffed animals, a few needle sizes smaller than you would typically use, so that the resulting fabric is a little stiff.  The pattern called for six skeins, but I used way more than that – probably another half of a skein – luckily, I had the exact yarn, in the exact color, in my stash.  I guess that tells me something about the size of my yarn stash!  I’m not sure if I’m a loose knitter, or what accounts for me exceeding the amount the pattern called for, because I knit it without any modifications.

octopus 2

The pattern makes for pretty easy knitting, although I got really bored and began to wish that octopus had fewer than eight legs!  I like how the leg knitting has a double seed stitch pattern on the bottom, to look like the suckers on an octopus’ legs.  The head is the perfect octopus shape, too, and the seed stitching and the pattern that the bottom is knit in looks exactly like you’d think it would on an octopus.  Those pattern designers at Purl Bee are incredible!  All in all, it was a simple knit, but the stage where all of the legs are joined together and you knit up the bottom is a little challenging at first – not technically so, just handling all of the various pieces.  I think it would be really challenging to a beginning knitter – it certainly made my hands hurt!

This is another of those patterns that, if I had infinite patience, I would knit again, in another fun color.  My girls are determined to keep this one, so my idea of giving it as a gift is out the window, at least for now . . . 

octopus 3

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  1. It’s adorable!! I love the textured bottom.

  2. Where can I get the pattern?

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