Railroad denim quilt

railroad denim quilt 1

This quilt is built from Robert Kaufman’s Railroad Denim fabrics – one half-yard each of Micro Stripe Indigo, Herringbone Indigo, Slub Stripe Denim, Deluxe Thin Stripe Denim, and Fine Stripe Indigo.  These fabrics each differ in feel, weight, and appearance – I initially was going to try to sew a skirt or pants, but I loved them all together, so I turned to a quilt, instead.  The solid white is one yard of Robert Kaufman’s Brussels Washer (color White) – this fabric feels amazing, and I love the subtle texture.  I would definitely use this whenever I could as my white solid, it has so much more flair than just a plain white cotton!

railroad denim quilt 2

In order to best show off the fabrics, I decided to keep them in large blocks – I had two different ideas for the layout of the blocks, so I made a two-sided quilt.  I suppose that the side with the white blocks is technically the front, since that’s the side I quilted on, but you can truly use either side and it looks like it’s “supposed” to be the front.  I built my piecing pattern around the concept of using up every scrap of the fabrics, and I just about made it – maybe just a few tiny pieces leftover.  I quilted the white blocks with freehand squares – one inside the other, inside the other, until I ran out of space.  I used the same concept on the denim blocks, but only two larger squares, because I didn’t want the quilting to overwhelm the fabric.  The finished quilt is a little smaller than twin-sized – I’d say approx 60″ wide x 75″ long.  A good size for a lap quilt, or to hang on a wall, or to cover a bed.

railroad denim quilt 3

I’m not sure I’m really satisfied with the finished product – it’s one of those situations where I loved the fabrics so much, I wanted to best utilize them, but I couldn’t come up with any idea that I thought really did them justice.  I hate that feeling, when you have a great starting point – fabric or yarn or whatever – but you just can’t decide what to do with it, and it seems like no matter what I decide on, I’m left feeling vaguely dissatisfied.  I wonder if other people feel that way when they’re crafting without a pattern or directions to guide them?

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One comment on “Railroad denim quilt

  1. i know what you mean about the dissatisfaction, but truly the quilt is lvoely. I think you and i are on the same wavelength with color cause i always respond to your color choices. stunning, subtle, i really like it and want you to be thrilled with your work because i think it is outstanding!

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