Shearing day

Saturday was the annual shearing day for our small herd of three alpacas.  Here they are before, looking very shaggy and hot on this sunny day:

alpacas before shearing

Here’s a “during” shot, showing the first shear, when the shearer is taking off the entire back fleece in one piece, like a blanket.  This piece is called the “first,” and is regarded as the best fleece on the animal.  “First” cuts and “seconds” (typically off the sides and neck) can be used to spin yarn, but the “thirds” (off the legs, head, and trimming up all over) are scraps and can’t be used for much of anything.

alpacas during shearing

And here’s the “after” photo – do they look cooler?  Well, maybe temperature-wise, but I’m not sure that the toothpick look is particularly cool style-wise!  I like how you can see the shearing tracks on their coats:

alpacas after shearing 1

alpacas after shearing 2

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