Wagon wheel trellises

wagon wheel trellises 1

Inspired by a photograph in a magazine, I asked a friend of mine with mad welding skills if he could design and build these circular trellises for me.  He did an amazing job – they’re so professionally finished, all of the welds hidden, every detail perfect.  I picked four shades of yellow-orange-red for the powder coating, to contrast nicely with the greenery.

wagon wheel trellises 2

I am starting scarlet runner beans and other flowering annuals growing – hopefully by mid-season they’ll have covered the trellises, and they’ll look like living tunnels.

wagon wheel trellises 3

I would love to be able to create ideas like this out of metal – such a phenomenal skill to have!

wagon wheel trellises 4

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4 comments on “Wagon wheel trellises

  1. I love love love this idea! Do you have an updated picture? I would love to see what they look like al covered in greenery!

    • The scarlet runner beans are just starting to grow tall enough to twine themselves around the wagon wheels – given how fast they’re growing, I should have a good photo op in the next month or so!

  2. These are quite amazing but they look very large as well. I have been looking for different solutions for my honey suckle. Have you any idea how much you are going to ask for them? And how are they taking off? I sicerely applaud your ingenuity, commitment, and perseverance to your goal~

    • Unfortunately, they’re not for sale 🙂 They would be very difficult to ship anywhere, as they are quite large!

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