Garden embroidery: the end

Finished!  With the embroidery part of this project, at least.  Here are the final blocks from Crabapple Hill Studio’s garden alphabet embroidery.  “S” for spring and summer (apple blossoms and apples):

"S" garden embroidery

“Y” for yarrow:

"Y" garden embroidery

and “W” for winter (with “X” cleverly worked into the snowflake design):

"W" and "X" garden embroidery

Even though this project has been very time-consuming, I’ve really enjoyed it – there’s something so satisfying about hand embroidery, getting to work with all of the colors, watching the design grow stitch by stitch – and as slow as it is, it’s a lot faster than knitting!  I’ve been very impressed by these patterns, particularly the attention to detail an the clever use of different stitches like french knot, lazy daisy, etc, to create different effects.  For instance, take a look at the chain stitch below, used to create the effect of snow on the branches:

"W" and "X" close-up

Of course, it was a heck of a lot of chain stitch – a stitch I discovered I’m not very good at! – but I love how it looks in the end.  Next step:  assembling the blocks into a quilt.

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