Turning cards into art


I always find beautiful cards that I’d love to save and display in some way, because they’re really art, in and of themselves.  Since I don’t send or give many cards anymore, I usually regretfully pass them up.  However, when I saw these flower-inspired cards, printed by a Portland-based company (Push Me Pull You Press) at Collage, I knew I had to find some creative way to display them.DSCN1107

I found scrap wood at home that was the perfect width – probably about 6″ – and cut it into 4″ lengths.  I’m not sure what previous project the wood was from, but it was the ideal thickness – not near as thick as a 2×4, but not as thin as plywood, either.  Then I sanded the wood blocks and used paint from the wooden door mats I made last summer.  Luckily, I had so many colors of paint that I was able to pretty closely match each of the flower prints.

DSCN1111Once the wood blocks were painted, I used sticky tape to seal the cards, and then affix them to the blocks.  The final step was to use Mod Podge to coat the blocks, sealing in the cards and giving the blocks a glossy finish.


One mistake I made was not sealing the cards tightly enough – I can see tiny gaps between the front and back of the card, even though it’s glued to the block and coated with a sealant.  Other than that, I think the project was a success.  It was a good idea to create a separate display for each card, instead of mounting them all on one surface, because I can adjust the layout to fit whatever wall space I have available.  For instance, right now they’re all mounted vertically because I had a long, narrow wall space that didn’t fit anything else – perfect!


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