Today in the garden: hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are another one of my all-time favorite flowers – there’s so much to love about them!  They bloom constantly throughout the summer, they range from sky blue to deep purple (one of my favorite color schemes), they don’t require full sunlight, they grow into a huge bush that makes a great foundation plant or hedge, they’re wonderful as cut flowers, and almost even better as dried flowers.  In fact, hydrangeas were one of my wedding flowers and made up the majority of my bouquet.


Not surprisingly, then I have numerous hydrangea bushes planted around the property – at least a dozen varieties, and even an area I labeled the “hydrangea walk” that follows a gravel path, shaded by aspens, to a wooden pagoda.  Every time a new and different variety is propagated, I find a location somewhere in the garden to plant it.  Here is my photo essay of the hydrangeas blooming in the garden now:










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2 comments on “Today in the garden: hydrangeas

  1. What is the name of the varity shown In pics 5 & 6? The pointed white petals look like stars, just beautiful!

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