Fourth of July flower fireworks

Fourth of July flowers

Every year, I plant the twelve planters on both sides of my deck stairs in Fourth of July themed colors – red and white geraniums and blue lobelia. Β With regular watering and fertilizer, these bloom from May to September, and are at their peak to help us celebrate Independence Day!


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17 comments on “Fourth of July flower fireworks

  1. What are the smaller white flowers?

  2. What are the blue flowers?

  3. Is it one of each kind of plant or are there multiples of the lobelia and sweet alyssum?

    • I bought the lobelia and alyssum in six-pack trays – I used one lobelia on each end, and one alyssum in the middle.

  4. How many geranium?

  5. How big are the containers?

  6. Exquisite! I love how you respond to your post even after a year! Most bloggers don’t do that!

  7. Could you show a picture of the pots you used?

  8. Can these grow in full sun?

    • onblueberryhill

      May 15, 2017 at 9:09 pm Reply

      Absolutely – in fact, they will do best in full sun (as long as you keep them well-watered πŸ™‚

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