Strip-pieced blooms quilt


I’ve had this fabric in my stash for a while now – I wish I could remember what it’s called or where I ordered it from, but at the time, I remember ordering the entire run of colors in fat quarters, thinking that I would eventually come up with a project for them . . . they’re great as substitutes for solids, but I wanted a design that would showcase all of them together.  The predominant colors were blues, reminding me of the sky, and pinks/oranges/yellows, reminding me of summer flowers, and so the idea for this quilt was born.

I used different sized strips (from 1″ to 3″) of browns, and then blues, to create the body of the quilt.  When I started in on the blues, I had to intersperse green squares for the stems, and I had to plan where they would go so that they would connect, but not in completely straight lines.  I thought initially of putting the stems on with appliqué, but I wanted the entire quit except for the flowers to be strip-pieced, so I went this direction, instead.  After I’d gotten my stems long enough, I switched to only blues in the strips, working my way up to the darker blues as I got higher and higher into the sky.

Once the strip piecing was done, I drew myself a petal template in two different sizes and cut out the flower petals from the pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows.  I put them together in different design and color combinations, added pinking sheared-circles for centers, and glued them down before zigzag stitching around all of the borders.


For the backing, I used leftovers from the flower colors to create a rainbow effect down the center of the back.


I kept the quilting simple, outlining the flowers, freestyle quilting clouds in the blue sky, and then stars in the darker blue upper reaches of the sky.  In the brown “dirt” section, I quilted wavy lines that followed (but not exactly) the strips.  The finished size is only approx 40″ square, so it’s ideal for a wall hanging.


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  1. how very well thought out, explained, and a wonderful finished result. Are the color ladder backs a “trademark” of your quilts? I think they’re great!

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