The Cohn Girls’ Sweets & Treats


My daughters’ entrepreneurial spirit is in full swing this summer – usually their attempts at a lemonade stand are thwarted by the fact that we live out in the country and have no foot traffic to speak of (or any traffic at all, for that matter).  This summer, they came up with the brilliant idea to market their goodies to all of the kids who come to our pool for swim lessons.  With the exception of a lot of bickering amongst themselves, they’ve done an admirable job of creating the stand, the menu, the supplies list, and taking “shifts” on sales days.  I tried to tell them that I should get a share of the profits for providing the venue, but they weren’t too receptive to that idea 🙂

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One comment on “The Cohn Girls’ Sweets & Treats

  1. I love that customers can donate to save the meer cats. Or tigers. Or meer wolves. OR something. I wasn’t paying attention, as my mind was on reading the HUGE menu of popsicle flavors available. They also offer a bucket of water for your dogs, btw. This is truly a full-service poolside stand.

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