Hand-stamped napkins


Another one of my forays into hand-stamping fabric – this time, I used store-bought stamps in the shapes of a fork, spoon, and knife, and a black ink pad.  I cut apart flourcoth tea towels and hemmed them, then stitched a line of ribbon on each napkin, running horizontally along the bottom third.  The stamped images are not clear or crisp, because of the flourcloth – I tried them on muslin and cotton, with much clearer results – but I decided I liked the blurred affect for this project.


I added in a tea towel, with two parallel vertical lines of ribbon and a variation of the stamping pattern.  Then, to create a gift set, I paired the towel and six napkins with six small, melamine plates.  Tied up in a bow with matching ribbon, the entire package makes a nice gift set.



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