More Chinese knotting cord bracelets


Help, I can’t stop!  I love making these, the varieties of patterns, colors, and styles are endless.  I bought connectors here and used the macrame technique from this site to make these:


Then I tried something very simple – just a looped strand of knotting cord on each end of the connector makes a beautiful bracelet:


Or anklet:


Here you can see the detail of the pull closure – I used the macrame technique to make a 4-5 bump closure that the strands pull through to loosen or tighten, then I strung beads onto the ends of the cord and knotted them on the ends.


You can find complete directions for these bracelets in my earlier posting here.


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2 comments on “More Chinese knotting cord bracelets

  1. I love the connectors you used. Where did you find them? Wondering if I could find something similar over here on the east coast…Portland would be a long drive for me :>)) I visited there last summer for about 10 days and loved it, but I need to find a closer source for those connectors!

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