Simple summer nightgown


I used the same pattern and fabric as I did for the simple summer sundress, but this time, I left the fabric undyed.  I thought about adding some hand embroidery, but somehow, no matter what I considered, it seemed to just clutter up the simplicity and clean lines of the pure white cotton voile.  Also, because of the fabric I used, both hand and machine embroidery would have been very tricky – the fabric is so sheer, that any tension in the threads would pull it too taut.  I think that I would have had to use an interfacing on the underside in order to embroider, which would, of course, have ruined the lightweight nature of the fabric.


You can see the smocking detail here – I’ve really become a fan of this technique, it takes a little time, but is actually very simple and I’ve had good success thus far.


I love sewing projects like this – quick, simple, no pattern, nice fabric to work with and a few clever details.  There’s something about the simplicity and clean lines that gives it a finished appearance.  It just says summer to me!


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