Vacationing in British Columbia

We took a wonderful family vacation to British Columbia this past week – here’s a pictorial journal of our trip:

The first leg of our trip was to Vancouver, B.C., where we spent the day in Stanley Park:

British Columbia trip 1

We spent several hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, where we got to see beluga whales, many different kinds of jellyfish, dolphins, penguins, otters, and a great sea lions / seals show:

British Columbia trip 2

The Aquarium also had an impressive Amazon rainforest exhibit, that included blue macaws and scarlet ibis:

British Columbia trip 17

British Columbia trip 18

 We rented bikes for the girls and rode the entire circumference of Stanley Park – a perfect ride with kids, because it’s flat, great views, on a separated one-way bike path:

British Columbia trip 3

 We stopped for lunch partway around the island at the Teahouse, then walked along Ferguson Point to admire the northwest views:

British Columbia trip 4

British Columbia trip 5

We also stopped to watch a mama river otter bring up crabs for her two babies to eat – they were on rocks right off of the seawall, no more than ten feet from where we stood:

British Columbia trip 11

 The next day, we traveled by water bus to Granville Island:

British Columbia trip 6

 We visited the artists’ studios and grabbed breakfast at the amazing public market, with an untold number of food and art booths:

British Columbia trip 7

 There was a quiet park at the end of Granville Island where we took a few minutes to relax, enjoy the view, and escape from the crowds:

British Columbia trip 8

 The next day, Rich and I went for an early ride all along Vancouver’s amazing bike trails, with multiple stops to admire the views:

British Columbia trip 25

Then we drove to Tsawwassen and boarded a ferry to the Gulf Islands:

British Columbia trip 8

 We stayed at Poet’s Cove on Pender Island – this is the sunset view from our cottage:

British Columbia trip 9

Here’s the water view of Poet’s Cove, as we traveled by boat the next morning to the Saturday Market on Salt Spring Island:

British Columbia trip 10

On our final day, we went kayaking around the island:

British Columbia trip 12

We saw so much wildlife, including a buck grazing at sunrise right off our deck, many blue herons, and this huge unidentified jellyfish:

British Columbia trip 13

British Columbia trip 14

British Columbia trip 15

One of our favorite sights was the abundant bright purple starfish:

British Columbia trip 16

We returned to Pender Island’s bookstore, bakery, and the Cafe at Hope Bay – a wonderful place to sit out on the dock and have lunch – we were buzzed by a bald eagle, flying right above our heads:

British Columbia trip 16

Our final leg of the journey was to travel by boat to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island – every year we hike Stuart Island to Turnpoint Lighthouse and take some gorgeous pictures, but this year we visited Turnpoint Lighthouse by sea:

British Columbia trip 19

Rich and I were married at Roche Harbor 15 years ago, and always enjoy returning to see the chapel:

British Columbia trip 20

and the 1920s-style resort:

British Columbia trip 21

Every time we visit Roche Harbor, we walk through the sculpture garden – the girls love all of the different art, and find some very unique ways to interact with the sculptures:

British Columbia trip 22

British Columbia trip 23

Finally, we celebrated our last night in the islands with ice cream on the dock:

British Columbia trip 24

We even enjoyed our drive home, going to Knead and Feed in Coupeville (with the world’s best breakfasts and cinnamon rolls the size of your head), taking the ferry from Coupeville to Port Townsend, then spending the afternoon on beautiful Bainbridge Island, and driving home via the Olympic Peninsula.

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2 comments on “Vacationing in British Columbia

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing the photos. I’d like to explore these places sometime Love, Jenny

  2. Wow! You all must have felt so refreshed after this vacation! Being around so much wildlife and beautiful landscapes has such a calming effect. I’d love you go sometime!

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