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new garden fence 2

The fencing around the vegetable garden has remained standing for twelve years, but it finally began to lean to the side so far that I was afraid the whole thing would go down. ย I looked for an attractive but utilitarian fencing design – one that would keep the deer from going over the top, and keep the bunnies from going underneath (at least, for the most part). ย Here’s what I settled on – I think it fits the bill perfectly:

new garden fence 1

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14 comments on “New garden fencing

  1. I just came across your site. My husband and I moved back from Hawaii this year and bought a house in Kentucky. We are so excited to finally be able to have a garden. My dream is a smaller version of what you have. I love your beds, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Could you share more information about your garden fence? Our family is about to start an organic garden and my husband needs more specific details. What kind of wire, wood size and kind, anything that would help beginners. Love your blog and your garden. Thanks

    • The wood is all pressure-treated – you could use cedar, but it would be much more expensive, and the pressure-treated lasts a long time. The posts are all 4″x4″s and everything else is 2″x4″s. The posts are every 8′ (in other words, the crossbars are 2″x4″x8′). The wire is a hog fencing that comes in a large roll, with 1″x2″ squares. We set the posts in concrete, then screwed on the top and bottom crossbars, then stapled the wire to the inside of the crossbars, then put another crossbar over the top, so that the wire was sandwiched in between the two crossbars. This made the wire more secure and improved the appearance. I hope that helps! I’ve asked my builder if he would write up plans for the fencing, garden beds, and bean tee-pees, and he’s going to work on it – when they’re ready to go, we’ll post them on the blog.

  3. Hello! Was your builder able to write up fencing plans? I just love your fencing and am hoping to build my own. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get around to doing so – but I’d be happy to e-mail you close-up pics and answer any specs/dimensions questions you might have ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi,
    I’d love if you could email me close up pictures of your fence. I want something exactly like yours!! Love it!

  5. How did you affix the panels to the 4×4’s?

  6. Can you tell me how tall the fence is? Does it really keep the deer from going over it?
    Any other specifications would be great. It looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing

    • The fence is about 4 1/2′ tall – I used to have 8′ corner posts and three rows of heavy gauge wire tension-strung above the top of the fence, and that definitely kept the deer out! I would guess that they could jump over this fence, but I’ve never had any problem with them doing so (instead, I get a lot of rabbits and ground squirrels that go under and through it ๐Ÿ™

  7. How did you secure the mesh fence panels to the 4″x4″ post?????

    • They are sandwiched between the 2x4s – in the photo, you can see that we use 2x4s as the crossbars, and also right up next to the posts. Each cross-bar and vertical bar is comprised of two 2x4s – one front and one back – with the wire pig fencing sandwiched in between.

  8. I love this! How did you attach each fence panel to each 4×4 post?

  9. Would you send me close up pictures as well? I love the design and am going to do it on my vacation
    Thank you

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