Waves of lavender shawl

Waves of lavender 1

I finally found the perfect pattern for the remainder of my Sundara fingering silky merino skeins (50% silk, 50% merino wool) – Misselthwaite, an ingeniously constructed shawl that shows off the texture and color of the yarns beautifully.

Waves of lavender 2

I used Dark Side of the Moon as the MC and Lunar Eclipse as the CC – I had about half a skein left of each, and wanted a pattern that would show both the beauty of each color, and how well they complement each other.  I didn’t have a long enough US 4 circular needle so I used US 5s, which worked just fine.  I opted for the medium-sized shawl, and the stockinette option for the main MC body (I couldn’t imagine all of that stitching in seed stitch!)  The body went quickly enough – you start on the long end, so there are over 200 stitches to cast on, but each row gets shorter as you work your way down to the point, so there’s incentive to keep going 🙂

Waves of lavender 3

The lace edging took longer than I’d anticipated, not because the pattern was all that complicated, but just because of the sheer number of stitches (almost 400 by the end!)  I knit two repeats (instead of three) of Chart A, because I was concerned about running out of MC yarn, and for the same reason, I knit the edging (Chart B) and the cast-off in CC.

Waves of lavender 4

I love how the stockinette stitch shows off the depth of the darker purple, and the lace edging shows off the sheen and silkiness of the lighter purple.  Although I got a little antsy finishing off the lace rows, altogether I enjoyed knitting this one and would definitely use this pattern again to show off two (or even three) complementary colors.

Waves of lavender 5

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