Quilted computer sleeve

quilted computer sleeve 1

A great combination of fabrics and materials and ingenius construction made this a fun project – another free pattern from the ever-amazing Purl Bee.  The folks at Purl Bee used some of my favorite fabrics, including Robert Kaufman’s Organic Canvas (color natural), Kaufman’s Railroad Denim (slub denim stripes) and neon bias tape in orange.  You’ll also need velcro, Sangle Cotton Webbing (color natural) for the straps, and Quilters Dream Supreme Cotton Batting in highest loft (important so that the sleeve is thick enough to protect the laptop).

quilted computer sleeve 2

The construction is simple and straightforward and the instructions are easy to follow; I finished mine in several hours without any problems or complications.  The great thing about the instructions is they also provide a formula so that you can custom-size the sleeve.  I’ve already had requests to make similar cases for an iPad and a variety of other electronic devices!

quilted computer sleeve 3

The heavy duty canvas is strong enough to make an effective carrying case, and contrasts nicely with the much lighter railroad denim.  I like the two-pocket construction on one side, and one large pocket on the other side; I also like the visual punch from the neon bias tape, and how they use the tape to seal the seams on the inside, as well.

This is one of those great projects that works right away, is instant gratification, and could be used for a whole variety of projects.  Thanks Purl Bee!

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