Rusty birds on the fence posts

rusty birds 1

Since we’ve just rebuilt the fence around our veggie garden (blogged here), I’ve been looking for a decorative way to top each of the new fence posts.  I wanted something artistic and fun, but it couldn’t be too expensive, because I had over 20 posts to top!

rusty birds 2

Last week at the Silverton Arts Festival, I found the perfect solution:  rusty birds 🙂  These cut-out shapes from naturally rusted metal are inexpensive but oh so cool.  I bought a whole variety of shapes – nuthatches, robins, chickadees, wren, sparrows, cedar waxwings, etc.  I also splurged on a couple of larger sizes to throw in the mix, including a meadowlark, a bluejay, and an owl.

rusty birds 3

We mounted them on sheets of flexible copper, to protect the cut ends of the fence posts from water and weather.

rusty birds 4

And, as the final touch, I bought a pileated woodpecker to grace the large post at the entry of the garden.

rusty birds 5

You can order these rusty birds online here.  Check them out!

rusty birds 6

rusty birds 7

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2 comments on “Rusty birds on the fence posts

  1. Really creative way to dress up your posts. I like all the designs especially the woodpecker.

  2. Thank you for the feature Blueberry Hill Crafting!
    LOVE those garden boxes!

    – The RustyBirds Team

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