Peaches and plums and (asian) pears, oh my!

plums 1

We’re so excited around here that our peach and plum trees actually bore fruit this year!  In fact, not just fruit, but beautiful, unblemished, edible fruit :0

peaches 1

In fact, our plum tree has gone “plum crazy” (ha!)  I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these plums . . .

plums 2

The asian pears make a wonderful coffee cake that I will bake as soon as there are enough:

asian pear

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3 comments on “Peaches and plums and (asian) pears, oh my!

  1. Those plums usually to be my favorite fruit when Nancy, Allen and I were growing up on the farm. We didn’t have a tree but Mom would buy big lugs of the fruit to can for the winter. I must try to time my visit next summer when your plums are ripe so that I can help you deal with the excess (assuming your tree produces again next summer).
    And did you get all those wonderful peaches, plums and Asian pears without spraying?

    • Wow! You are so lucky. Those beautiful purple plums remind me of the damson plums my mom used to cook into a fabulous jam. Not sure if yours are that variety–the inside of the plum is yellow? Anyway, I’m sure you found something to do with those. They are gorgeous!

  2. Khaista rahman swat

    July 23, 2016 at 8:26 pm Reply

    Most beautiful

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