Book storage re-do

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As my girls have gotten older, their collection of books has multiplied exponentially, forcing me to look for different storage options.  As they’ve begun to outgrow their beautiful, hardbound picture books, I haven’t wanted to get rid of our favorites, but they often sit for months in the bookshelf, unnoticed.

My solution was two-fold – first, I used photo display railings from IKEA to create a display wall for our favorite picture books.  I used an empty wall in the playroom, and positioned Patrick, our ever-faithful FAO Schwartz dog, next to the railings to create a comfy reading nook.

bookshelves 2

Next, I sold the Pottery Barn Kids bookshelves – cute, but too small now – and bought this monolith of shelving from IKEA to house the remaining picture books and the girls’ ever-expanding collection of chapter books.  The top two rows of cubbies are pretty high, but I figured that the girls could use them to store all of their display items and “precious” valuables.

Now I just have to find a step stool so that we can all reach the top shelves and railings!

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One comment on “Book storage re-do

  1. The bookshelf re-do looks great! I am green, I wish I had space for a nice big bookshelf. I wish I used what space I have better! Looks so inviting for a good read!

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