Thistle scarf

thistle scarf 1

I found this pattern after my impulse buy of Bumblebirch grove yarn- I couldn’t resist because it’s dyed by a Portland-based artist, and because of the color name (Blueberry).  I bought one skein (fingering weight 80% superwash BFL, 20% bamboo), figuring that I could find a pattern that fit the yardage (430 yes).

thistle scarf 2

The Thistle pattern called for 600 yards of fingering weight yarn, so I modified it, using only the initial thistle lace pattern for the entire scarf.  I think I got in 10 or 12 repeats of the 28-row pattern – I lost count at some point.  I knit on the recommended US 5s, which worked very well for this yarn.

thistle scarf 3

I was worried that the scarf would come up too short, but at 9 1/2″ wide and 66″ long, I think it’s a perfect length.  I also like that it’s lace “all over” – it makes it nicer to wear in the hot summer months, and to appreciate this color, you really need to see it in the sunlight!  I love how subtle and complex it is, but I worry that in the dull winter grey, it will just look muddled.  So, it will be my sunny day scarf 🙂

thistle scarf 4

This is a good lace pattern for a beginning to intermediate lace knitter – it’s too different row to row to memorize (at least for me), but it includes very simple stitches and the end result is a very beautiful, open lace pattern.

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3 comments on “Thistle scarf

  1. What a beautiful lace scarf! looks absolutely stunning.

  2. Since this is your mom’s b-day, I thought maybe the beautiful scarf was for her! Love to see what you have been up to…..

  3. This scarf turned out just lovely! I’m so glad you liked the colorway. Grove is my favorite base to knit with too, because of the drape and shine. It looks great in lace!

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