A new craft room for the girls

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To complete our playroom remodel, I added a craft room “nook” for my daughters.  Of course, the underlying motivation for this part of the remodel was to take back my own craft room, which has been overrun with their painting, drawing, sewing, and general let’s-make-a-huge-mess crafting projects since they were old enough to toddle in there and reach the shelves . . .

I’m really happy with how this turned out, and so far it seems to function perfectly for their needs.  The butcher block table and legs are from IKEA, and the stools are from Natural Furniture, a local Portland shop.  They came unfinished, so each girl got to pick her paint color and paint her own stool.  The table seemed low – only approx 30″ high – but I preferred the typical tabletop height to a work table height of 36″.

My friend built the shelves from melamine picked up at Home Depot and cut to the proper size.  I like the functionality of the adjustable shelves, which I spaced at various heights to accommodate books, baskets, storage containers, and a narrow shelving for paper.  The baskets are old Pottery Barn Kids storage we’ve had around for years – I like the chalkboard labels attached with twine.  The various glass storage jars came from IKEA, as well.

I bought two of these sets of mini-drawers here to keep all of the small craft items organized – bells, googly eyes, stickers, buttons, etc.  They came out nicely, but were a lot of work, and I wasn’t impressed with the product – it came unassembled, with no directions, and no way of holding it together.  I used ingenuity and craft glue, and so far it’s holding, but I wouldn’t say it’s the sturdiest structure in the world . . . I painted the outside and used scrapbook paper to cover the drawer fronts.

craft nook 2

The pegboard is my favorite part – it came in white, and my friend cut it to size and mounted it on a wood frame (to keep it away from the wall enough to insert the pegs).  I picked up all sorts of cool attachments at Home Depot, including the small wires baskets for things like glue and glitter, the hooks for our Pottery Barn Kids buckets full of pencils, and the magnets for scissors and hole punchers.

craft nook 3

I think that there will be enough shelving to accommodate the girls’ growing collection of crafting supplies, enough small storage to accommodate all of the tiny craft pieces, and enough table space for all three of them to work.  They weren’t crazy about being “relocated” at first, but are now very enthusiastic about their new space, and hopefully it will inspire them to keep it clean and organized – at least occasionally 🙂

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2 comments on “A new craft room for the girls

  1. wonderful! i appreciate all the photos and descriptive details. It really helps to get a good sense of what you’re done here!

  2. You’ll miss the wonderful comments as they create….I think you will join them for the fun!

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