Bitsy bunnies

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It’s not as if I don’t already have enough knit stuffed animals, and bunnies in particular, but these were just too cute to pass up – I think it was the combination of the Quince & Co Owl yarn and the great big ears!

The pattern is Briar Bunny, and each rabbit took almost exactly one skein (120 yds) of Quince & Co Owl yarn (50% American wool, 50% American alpaca) in colors Snowy and Tawny.  I went down several needle sizes, to US 4 dpns, to get a thick, sturdy fabric.

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On a recommendation from a fellow Raveler, I used Near Sea Naturals organic wool bolus stuffing, which is well worth the effort to obtain – it makes the stuffed animal feel sturdy and plump, without the stuffing bunching up inside or stretching out the knitting.

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When I first started knitting stuffed animals, it was very frustrating because I’d follow the pattern correctly and get all of the right components, but the finished product never looked like it should.  Over time, I found that there are three important ingredients to getting your stuffed animals to come out just as cute as the picture on the pattern:  (a) how the pieces are stuffed; (b) how the pieces are placed when sewing them together; and (c) how the facial embroidery is placed and executed.  There is no real secret to any of these – just time and practice.  I would say that the only way to get the stuffing right is to downsize your needles enough to get a thick knitted fabric, and to use the right stuffing.  Otherwise, it’s just a lot of trial and error!

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4 comments on “Bitsy bunnies

  1. those bunnies are so adorable! knitted stuffed toys are the best, even non knitters think they are awesome.

  2. I love the simplicity of these bunnies. I avoid stuffed animals if ican help it, because they never look quite how they should. I’ve never really thought about it but i’m going to take your advice and use smaller needles. Thank You.

  3. Love these! Planing on making my daughter one for Christmas. How much wool stuffing did you use to make one? I’m seeing it sold by the pound. Thanks for the info and tips!

    • I ordered one pound, and I had tons leftover – I didn’t even use half of what I ordered for two bunnies.

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