Pink scraps baby quilt

pink scraps baby quilt 3

I’ve been trying to spend less time buying expensive fabric online, that I then can’t bear to cut up into small pieces for quilting, and instead using up my gigantic scrap stash – I guess that this project was  combination of the two, because the pink strips and binding are all small stash scraps, but the body of the front and back are purchases.

The front is Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer, in color PFD.  I wish it was possible to show in photos how beautiful this fabric is!  It’s like a looseweave linen (the fabric is 55% linen and 45% rayon), but the rayon makes it soft and pliable.  It’s such a fine color and texture, it really makes this simple quilt shine.  It’s a little wider – 52″ – but I needed only one yard, and it’s very reasonably priced.

pink scraps baby quilt 2

The quilt backing is another Robert Kaufman fabric, Flannel Solid, in light pink.  I wanted something soft and light to complement the brighter pinks and the different texture of the front of the quilt.  I only used one yard, but because the flannel is not as wide – 44″ – I used stash fabric to add to the ends, so that I could use the entire width of the Brussels Washer.

The finished quilt is 34″ x 53″ – I think it’s the perfect size for a crib or baby blanket.  I love how there’s a dash of bright color, cheery pinks, and the soft pink flannel on the back make it perfect for baby, but the wide expanse of solid and the linen feel of the body of the quilt give it a little bit of sophistication.

 pink scraps baby quilt 1

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  1. Beautiful. People forget that symplicity can be so affective. I love the spash of colour and pattern the pink scraps bring. It looks like a really cozy quilt.

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