Snowfling mittens

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Tanis Fiber Arts puts together such gorgeous yarn combinations for this kit, it’s hard to stop at just one!  The colors in my Snowfling Mitts kit were TFA Yellow Label DK spruce for the background color and natural for the snowflake color, and then TFA Purple Label Cashmere Sock lemongrass for the lining color.

I knit on the recommended US 3s for both the mitts and the lining – although the lining is smaller gauge than the mitts yarn, I thought it it still came out well on US 3s, particularly since you want the outer portion of the mitt to be stiffer than the lining.

snowfling mitts 2

These came together pretty quickly, even though it’s of course more time-consuming knitting the mittens in stranded colorwork.  My favorite part is the pop of color from the lining – and how soft and luxurious it feels!  For the lining, I knit 17 rounds before starting the thumb gussets, then knit the same number of thumb gussets as the outer mitt, then 29 rounds before starting the decreases.  For the thumb lining, I knit 11 rounds before starting the decreases.

snowfling mitts 3

I think that the mitten fits well – the thumb is a little snug, particularly after inserting the lining, but I like it that way, and my hands don’t rattle around in the body of the mitts, like they do in some patterns.  The only thing I’m not crazy about is that the cuff of the mitten doesn’t fit snugly – the picot edging is a really nice design feature, but because it’s not ribbed, it just kind of hangs off my wrist, which makes me feel like it’s going to fall off.  I think it will be a good fit over coat cuffs (or maybe tucked into coat cuffs).

snowfling mitts 4

I’m not sure whether to block the mitts – the lining doesn’t need it, obviously, but the outer mitts still look a little puffy from the stranded colorwork.  I can pull the lining out when I block – I chose not to tack it into the inside of the mitts, I didn’t see any need to do so – but I don’t want the mitts to grow AT ALL, so I’m reluctant to try to pull the colorwork flat in the blocking process.  Hmmm . . . any suggestions?

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3 comments on “Snowfling mittens

  1. I love your mittens. Her mittens are on my to do list.

  2. Maybe try to just give them a gentle once over with a steam iron, that way they shouldn’t grow like they would with wet blocking. They look fabulous BTW!

  3. I love how they have a knitted lining, I’ve never really thought to knit it before I always make it with fleece. Something else to go on the to do list!!

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