Redford men’s sweater – finally done!

 Redford 1

I love Brooklyn Tweed patterns, but this has got to fall under the heading “what was a thinking”?!  Knitting a men’s large sweater, in fingering yarn, on size 4 needles . . . although it actually took just about four weeks – even with other projects interspersed – it felt like forever.  Probably because it also involved the world’s greatest amount of stockinette stitching, which got really boring, and then for a finale, a lot of seaming – not my favorite, that’s for sure.

However, all that whining aside, I have to admit that it’s a beautiful FO.  The pattern is from Brooklyn Tweed’s men’s collection, the Redford sweater.  I knit it in Brooklyn Tweed Loft, color Long Johns – I’ve been dying to use this color for a long time now.  I used the recommended US 4s, and knit size large (50 1/2″).  The pattern called for seven skeins, but I used only six, with a little left over.

Redford 2

The pattern is very simple – as I said, just a ton of stockinette stitching – but I like all of the attention to detail that you always get from a Brooklyn Tweed pattern.  (Although I have to say, I’ve knit a lot of top-down seamless, or almost seamless sweaters, and some of them look just as professionally finished as ones like this that require all the seaming!)  You knit separate side panels, so that the sides are reverse stockinette, and then separate front, back, and sleeves.

Redford 3

I tried to seam the pieces together as instructed, so that the seams would show – going for that particular look, kind of like a retro t-shirt – but my seams didn’t look cool, they just looked like crappy construction.  Oh well . . . I went with the traditional seaming, so that they didn’t show, and then I knitted on the neckline ribbing and the cuffs from the right side, instead of the wrong side – again, when I tried it from the wrong side, it just looked sloppy.  I have no doubt that the magicians at Brooklyn Tweed did it and it came out looking awesome, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me, and by this stage in the project, I was too worn out with the whole thing to put much more time and effort into it.

This is the first sweater I’ve ever knit for my husband, in no small part because of the time and yarn involved in knitting such a large sweater, coupled with the fear that he wouldn’t like it or wear it when it was all done.  It looks great on him, though, so if I see him getting some use out of it, I think I’ll try another – although this time, I’m picking a design knit on larger needles!

Redford 4

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5 comments on “Redford men’s sweater – finally done!

  1. bravo! (exhausting just to think about; i’m really impressed)

  2. I am over from your post on Ravelry. I think it turned out great. My Beloved recently requested a sweater and he is very specific about wanting a “plain” crewneck design, so no cables, extraneous ribbing, etc. He also wants it to be lightweight and not bulky, i.e. fine gauge, so it definitely be a labor of love. I wanted to use a tweed yarn and am looking at using this pattern. I had already decided that I would seam it together the “right” way instead of as the pattern shows, partly because I think he would rather have it that way and partly because I didn’t really want my seaming exposed. It is nice to see your photos with it done that way. I agree that it is a lot of stockinette in fine yarn but it is heartening to see that it only took you 4 weeks to complete it.

  3. Well done! I came over here from your Ravelry project page. My honey is also requesting a plain crew neck sweater, preferably with no ribbing at the waist. Even though I know it’s crazy to knit a man’s sweater in fingering weight, I’m concerned that if use heavier yarn it will be too warm and he won’t wear it after all that work. I’ve also been concerned about making the correct size for him as him tummy is larger than his chest. Not sure how that works with men’s sweaters.

  4. This looks so good! I’ve been knitting one for myself and last night checked the pattern. I had missed the start with a purl row instruction and mine wouldn’t stop rolling. So I’ve ripped out 4″ of the back, and I’m on size threes, and I’m browsing the photos to see if anyone has livened it up. I was already bored, but I love the plain look.

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