Made-to-order Ed Emberley quilts

Emberley quilt 1

I’ve been slow with my postings the last few weeks, probably because I’ve had bigger, more time-consuming projects in the works.  I just finished two twin-size Ed Emberley quilts, custom-ordered by an Etsy customer.  They are similar, but not identical – I created “frames” for each of the Emberley prints, and then randomly scattered the frames throughout the white pieced quilt fronts.  It’s amazing how much more time it takes to cut and sew strips for this kind of random placement, than for blocks that are all the same size and shape!

Emberley quilt 2

Here’s the front and back of the first quilt – I tried a different way to quilt it by stitching freehand squares around each frame, one inside the next, and so on.  You can really size the quilting lines on the back (which I like).

Emberley quilt 3

I didn’t want just a solid-colored backing, so I stuck with the white cotton but used leftover Emberley prints to create a single “line” down the middle.  I initially intended for the line to run horizontally, but I purchased 90″-wide fabric, so it was easier to cut and piece the line in vertically.

Emberley quilt 4

Here’s the front and back of the second quilt – my quilting on this one consisted of randomly-spaced vertical lines.  I used one of the frames to start each line off, then ran in straight top to bottom.

Emberley quilt 5I really like making custom-order quilts, because I know from the start that the finished product is exactly what the intended recipient has in mind!

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