Cashmere cap and mitts

cashmere cap and mitts 1

Always a sucker for a new yarn, when I saw that this gorgeous cashmere was produced by my own LYS, I couldn’t resist.  Nob Hill is 109 yards of worsted weight 100% cashmere, and it feels amazing!  I loved all the colors, but went with Latte.

cashmere cap and mitts 2

I chose this hat pattern and knit on US 9s 16-inch circulars.  After much debate, I knit size 19 3/4″ – it’s medium, which is usually my go-to size, but I hate it when hats don’t fit snugly and keep slipping down my forehead, or are too floppy in back.  I’d say that this was pretty much a perfect fit, although ideally, the ribbing would have been a little bit tighter – maybe 8 fewer stitches cast on?

Unfortunately, I had to just barely start a second skein in order to finish the hat – which provides the perfect excuse to knit a matching pair of mitts!

cashmere cap and mitts 3

The stitch detail on the hat is so simple, but I think it looks beautiful in this natural color and it really lets the beauty of the yarn take center stage.

cashmere cap and mitts 4

I knit the free pattern One Cable Mitts on US 8 dons, and just added a final row and bind-off row in a contrasting color from my stash yarn, just to give the mitts a little more decoration.  I love how quickly fingerless mitts knit up on such big needles, and how the one thick cable shows up so well!

cashmere cap and mitts 5

After my long stretch of sweater knitting, it’s wonderful to choose a project that can be finished in 1-2 days.  And, since two skeins is enough for a hat and a pair of mitts, it makes the perfect gift set 🙂

 cashmere cap and mitts 6

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3 comments on “Cashmere cap and mitts

  1. what a beautiful color and a great quick knit!
    yes to the contrasting edge on the mitts!
    and cashmere! they must feel great!

  2. Hi,

    Please tell me where to get the pattern for the pretty multi-colored scarf at the top left of your page. I love it!!

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