Limeade socks

Limeade socks 1

I’m not usually a big sock knitter, but there was something about these colors that I couldn’t resist.  I love the bright, saturated colors of Spud & Chloe, particularly their fingering weight Fine yarn.  These socks are knit in colors Lizard and Popcorn, and my only disappointment was that one skein of Lizard wasn’t enough and I had to use up just a little of a second skein.

I knit on US 1s and got a nice finished fabric.  I used the popcorn for the first 12 rows at the top of the sock, two stripes on the leg of the sock and again on the foot, and the heel flap and heel turn.  My go-to pattern any time I knit socks is Purl Soho’s Perfect Fit Socks – true to its name, I find that it gives the best fit, probably because it’s ribbed all the way down the leg and foot of the sock, to the toe.  Because I like my socks to fit snugly, I knit for size Women’s 7 (9 1/4″), even though my foot is closer to a size 8.

Limeade socks 2

The fit turned out good, but I still don’t feel like they’re snug enough – it might be the composition of the yarn, maybe because there’s no nylon in the mix (this sock yarn is 80% wool, 20% silk)?

I actually didn’t mind knitting these – even on US 1s, and even when I had to make the second one 🙂  However, I think that one pair of socks every once in a great while pretty much does it for me – even though I’d love to knit this exact same version in more of the Spud & Chloe colors, I just can’t stomach that much more of the same.

Limeade socks 3

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  1. These look like a fun pair of socks. Love them.

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