Firelight shawl

Firelight shawl 1

You know that I love a pattern when I actually knit it twice . . . almost unheard of for me, in a world where there are WAY too many wonderful patterns to try, and never enough time!  I confess that I used this pattern again because it was perfect for my impulse yarn buy of a skein of Solstice Luna Sock (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) in color Firelight.

At 430 yards, I didn’t have enough yarn in the skein to knit a larger shawl – and in any case, I’ve found that the size and shape of the Suncrest Shawl is absolutely perfect, particularly to wear with business jackets and sweaters.  It’s not so large as to overwhelm an outfit, and because it’s not triangular in shape, it wraps neatly and simply around my neck – a little bit of warmth without looking like I’m wearing a muffler around my throat.

Firelight shawl 2

I also love this shawl pattern because it’s almost instant gratification – less than a week to knit, on US 6 needles – and it’s a combination of good television knitting (the garter stitch portion) and interesting lace knitting (the border pattern).  I knit one extra repeat and, even after the always time-consuming process of the picot bind-off, I still had a little bit of yarn left.

I thought that this color would be perfect for the fall, and would contrast well against my new white shirt and black cardigan that I’ve started wearing for most all of my work meetings.  Color is such a funny thing, though; in the skein, this yarn looked so much redder, and to me, once knit up, it reads orange or bronze or brick tones.  It’s always so hard to guess what a skein of yarn will really look like when it’s made into something 🙂

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  1. Beautiful! And you’re absolutely right, knitting the same pattern twice is a huge complement. So glad that you love it.

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