Violeta fingerless gloves

Violeta fingerless gloves 1

Between all of the various options – mittens, gloves, mitts without any finger holes, etc – this style is my favorite.  The finger holes make the gloves fit snugly and keep my hands from slipping around inside, but I like having my fingertips free for dexterity, and it just doesn’t get cold enough around here to need full gloves or mittens that often (although I wish it did!)

This was a yarn-driven project – I saw this skein of Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn (90% super wash wool, 10% nylon) and couldn’t resist the color (Violeta).  I trolled around Ravelry for a good pattern for fingering weight yarn, and finally settled on Koigu Fingerless Gloves.  I knit the entire glove on US 1s – instead of switching to a larger needle after ribbing – because I wanted a snug fit, and I knit the smaller size.

Violeta fingerless gloves 2

Even after taking these precautions, the ribbing and the body of the hand could be a little smaller and fit more tightly, but overall I’m happy with the fit, particularly in the fingers.  I made minor modifications along the way, both to the length of the hand and the fingers.  Here they are:

Knit 30 rounds in ribbing
After 11 repeats of R1 & R2 increases, knit 3 rounds straight before proceeding to “Hand” step
Hand:  Knit 12 rounds
Pinkie:  Knit 8 rounds
Finger’s base:  Knit 6 rounds
Ring:  Knit 11 rounds
Middle:  Knit 15 rounds
Index:  Knit 13 rounds
Thumb:  Knit 12 rounds

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6 comments on “Violeta fingerless gloves

  1. Thank you for the awesome pattern idea! I have a special skein of fingering weight and am not a sock knitter or shawl wearer. This will look great. It does get cold so I will likely have to make flaps for them!

  2. I am looking to make a pair of ladies.half fingerless gloves. I liked this pattern.may I get the design in dteail please. Thank you regards

    • Krishna, I too am looking for this pattern. Did you ever hear from Blueberry Hill crafting about the pattern? If so would you be willing to share? Thanks in advance, Bridget

  3. I got it…it was right in front of me the entire time! bg

  4. These are my favorite!!! Is there any way you are able to do a step by step Youtube video?

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