Thumbprint kitties bag

thumbprint kitties bag 1

My middle daughter loves all things cats, and the theme for her 11th birthday is books – in fact, for her party, she’s chosen to take her friends to Powell’s books for a scavenger hunt and book-buying frenzy – so I made her this book bag to carry her purchases in.

The fabric is Timeless Treasures’ Thumbprint Cats by Samarra – I found it at Bolt and couldn’t resist, kitties made from thumbprints!

thumbprint kitties bag 5

I combined it with Essex cotton linen fabrics in my stash and used the forty-minute tote project on Purl Bee.  To make it a little more interesting, I cut 8 blocks per side, each 8.5″ x 5.25″, and put them together in different combinations, so that each side’s dimensions was 19″ tall and 16″ wide.

thumbprint kitties bag 2

I cut two 19″ x 16″ pieces of the thumbprints kitties fabric for the lining, and used Decor Bond Pellon fusible interfacing (mid weight).

thumbprint kitties bag 3

The project went together quickly, but for some reason I had difficulty finding sew-on leather handles – I could have used cotton webbing, but I really envisioned the bag with leather handles, and once you get an idea stuck in your head, it’s hard to envision your project any other way, you know what I mean?  I finally found the perfect handles at Bolt – in fact, one of the gals who works there hand makes them, and they are gorgeous!

thumbprint kitties bag 4

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