Sticky toffee cowl and mitts

sticky toffee cowl and mitts 1

Another impulse yarn buy – this time at Twisted in NE Portland, I couldn’t resist this Plucky Knitter yarn because it’s so hard to get and was some of the last left after a Plucky Knitter trunk show the night before.  This particular Plucky Knitter yarn is Traveler Aran, a wonderful combination of merino, silk, and yak (!)  The color is Sticky Toffee, and I bought 3 skeins, each 220 yards.  I had to break into the third skein to finish off, but there’s still so much yarn left, I could easily make a hat, as well.

sticky toffee cowl and mitts 2

The mitts are knit from the Ragtop mitts pattern – I love aran-weight mitts that are so long and cozy, so that they can bunch up at the wrists and cover my fingers.  I used the recommended US 6 dons, which gave me the right gauge and fabric weight.  I needed less than one skein total to finish a pair of these mitts.

sticky toffee cowl and mitts 3

sticky toffee cowl and mitts 4

The cowl is based on the Armonika Cowl pattern, free on Ravelry; I modified it as follows:

Cast on 39 sts
Row 1:  *K9, P1*, repeat from * 3 times, K9
Row 2:  * P5, K5*, repeat from * 3 times, P5, K4
Row 3:  *P4, K1, P5*, repeat from * 3 times, P4, K1, P4
Row 4:  K4, *P5, K5*, repeat from * 3 times, P5

Repeat pattern to approx 46″ long; cast off and seam together

sticky toffee cowl and mitts 5

I love this stitch pattern – it’s unlike anything I’ve done before, very simple, but the finished appearance is really cool.  It took approximately 1.5 skeins to get to 47″, which was just the right length to wrap twice around my neck.  I used US 8s, which gave the finished fabric a soft, drapey feel.  It grew quite a bit when I wet blocked it – knowing that, I’d probably make it as much as 6″ shorter next time.

These make the perfect set for gift or sale, but it may be hard for me to part with them!

sticky toffee cowl and mitts 6

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2 comments on “Sticky toffee cowl and mitts

  1. hi!
    another winner, beautiful yarn, beautiful color, beautiful cowl and mitts.
    question – what would you think of making it as a scarf instead of a cowl? would you do anything differently?
    will it stay flat? would a fringe be overkill? if no fringe any different treament for the ends. It’s really lovely!

    • I think that the width and the stitch pattern would make a really beautiful scarf – there shouldn’t be any problem with it staying flat, especially after you block it. You’d have to finish it up and see what you thought about fringe – you might find that the textured pattern alone is enough, and that the ends don’t need any embellishment. The nice thing about fringe is you can finish the scarf, see what you think, and always add it later!

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