Marled purples hat

marled purples hat 1

A satisfying one-evening project, and a chance to use up some stash yarn:

Pattern:  Öljett (originally knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft, which is also gorgeous!)

Needles:  US 6 16″ circular for ribbed brim and US 7 16″ circular (and eventually dpns) for body of hat

Yarn:  Hazel Knits artisan sock yarn in color Violeta from this project, and Sundara silky fingering merino in color Lunar Eclipse from this project and this project

marled purples hat 2

I knit the ribbed brim 2″ wide, instead of the 1 3/4″ called for by the pattern – accidentally, but I like the look of the wider brim.  To me, this hat is the perfect shape because it’s not so tight on my head that it fits like a skull cap, but it isn’t so slouchy that I look like the top of my hat fell over.  And, you can adjust how you wear it, so you can have a little slouch, or even none at all, depending on how much you pull it down on your head.  I also like how the decreases use yarn-overs, so that you get a little bit of a lacy star pattern on the crown of the hat.

I will definitely be making more of these for Christmas presents – because you double-strand fingering weight yarn, it’s the perfect project for using up fingering stash yarn when you don’t have enough of a particular kind or color to knit an entire hat with that yarn alone.  Plus, it’s fun to combine different colors and see how it turns out!

marled purples hat 3

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