Best cardigan EVER!

Maude cardigan 1

Wow, I love this new sweater – I’ve knitted well over three dozen sweaters so far, and this is definitely my favorite!  It’s the combination of the yarn, the styling, the fit . . . I can’t really put my finger on it, I just love it!

The pattern is Maude, and it’s designed for the yarn I used, Quince & Co Owl (50% American wool, 50% American alpaca).  I’ve been wanting to use this yarn for more projects for a while now, so I’m glad that Quince is publishing some patterns with Owl in mind.  This is such a fabulous yarn for a sweater – a little rustic, a little cushy, a little bit of a halo (from the alpaca), but still well-structured enough to hold its shape.  Even the color is great – I chose Snowy because I wanted a white sweater I could wear with everything, but I love how this white is a little heathered, a little . . . I guess you’d say “distressed.”

Maude cardigan 2

I noted that the model in the pattern was wearing the sweater with 6″ of positive ease, and I liked the look of it, so I went up one sweater size above what I usually knit, and knit a size 44″ (which gave me 6″ of positive ease).  I’m really glad I did, because it gave me the slightly oversize, boyfriend-style fit that I was looking for.  The pattern called for 13 skeins, but I used only 12 (although I did work to almost the very end of the 12th skein).

I knit on the recommended US 7 needles, and really liked the resulting fabric.  Although the sweater is a lot of stockinette stitching, it came together pretty quickly, and I didn’t really get bored – I love how the styling and construction is very simple, but the little details like the garter stitch pockets give it just enough dressing up.  I chose small wood buttons to accentuate the rustic tone of the yarn.

Maude cardigan 3

I really encourage anyone to try knitting this cardigan – it would be the perfect first sweater, if you haven’t tried sweater knitting before, and it would be a relaxing, enjoyable knit if you’re a sweater veteran.  There are so many lovely colors in Owl that I may not be able to resist knitting a second one!

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3 comments on “Best cardigan EVER!

  1. Beautiful job! I love your choice of button, and I love wear-with-everything sweaters.

  2. loved the way the sweater looked on you and loved your raverly comments about it being your favorite.
    I have not ktnited a sweater in a long time and I am truly enjoying making this…thanks!
    where did you get those great buttons?

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