Spud & Chloe three-color hats

This is the result of a week of hat-making:

Spud & Chloe hats 1

Yarn:  Spud & Chloe Sweater in colors Ice Cream, Rootbeer, Jellybean, Tiny Dancer, Waterslide, and Life Jacket

Patterns:  Purl Soho Basic Hats for Everyone (ribbed brim version), Modern Rib Hat, and Petite Purls Cheery Scrap Hat (all knit on US 7s) and Go Team! (knit with yarn doubled on US 10 1/2)

Spud & Chloe hats 2

 Many of these are knit in children’s sizes, although the great think about the ribbed versions is that they’re so stretchy, they can fit kids through adults!  I also like how you can fold the brim and wear it tight against your head, or wear it without folding up the brim as a slouchy hat.

You can’t beat how soft but durable this super wash yarn is, and how beautiful and bright the colors are!

Spud & Chloe hats 3

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One comment on “Spud & Chloe three-color hats

  1. Wow! What an impressive group of hats. Some children are going to be very happy.

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