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I spent the weekend sewing three of the projects on Purl Bee’s blog, all designed for use in the kitchen:  an apron, dishtowels, and hot pads.  What distinguished these projects, however, is the beautiful fabrics that came in the Purl Bee kits – linen for the apron, soft double cloth cotton for the dishtowels, and gorgeous, fuzzy oatmeal wool for the hot pads.  It’s really true that working with high-quality fabrics makes all the difference!

cook's gift set 2

I ended up making two gift sets, each comprised of one apron, two dish towels, and two hot pads.  Here are the specs:

Pattern – Simple Linen Apron
Fabrics – 1 yard of Robert Kaufman’s Waterford Linen in Natural and 1/2 yard of Robert Kaufman’s Double Cloth Cotton in Plaid Indigo (this is enough for two aprons)
Notions – 2 pairs of 1-inch D rings and 5 yards of 30mm Cotton Twill Tape in Ecru

cook's gift set 3

I didn’t add in the cotton twill loops for a dishtowel on the aprons, but otherwise, made no modifications to the pattern.  I didn’t wash the linen first – kind of wish I had, it’s really stiff right now, but I’m sure it will soften up beautifully once it’s been washed a few times.

cook's gift set 5

Dish towels:
Pattern – Super Simple Dishtowels
Fabrics – 1/2 yard of Robert Kaufman’s Double Cloth in Plaid Indigo and 1/2 yard in Hatches Indigo (this is enough to make four dishtowels)
Notions – 1 yard of 14mm Twill Tape in Ecru

cook's gift set 4

These truly are about the simplest sewing project ever, but what makes them so special is the wonderful double-sided / double-thickness cotton cloth – really beautiful!

Hot pads:
Pattern – Simple Stitched Hot Pads
Fabrics – 1/2 yard of Dorr Mill’s Wool Yardage and 1/4 yard in various prints of Robert Kaufman Railroad Denim and Robert Kaufman Chambray Union
Notions:  1/2 yard Insul-Brite Lining, 1 yard 14mm Cotton Twill Tape in Ecru, and cream-colored embroidery thread

cook's gift set 6

I hand-stitched six Xs on each hot pad to hold the lining in place, but I didn’t stitch on the wool side as the pattern called for – instead, I marked my Xs on both sides, and then ran the thread through all layers, from one side to the other, to form matching Xs on each side.  Otherwise, I followed the pattern as written.

I love projects like this – working with gorgeous fabrics, quick and (largely) mistake-free sewing, and a perfect gift package when you’re done!

cook's gift set 7

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  1. That is absolutely lovely 🙂 I love the soft, cottage tones you used– gives me flashbacks of using way too much flour as a kid on a step stool, and a big wooden spoon dripping with dough.

    I’m adding your page to my favs, hopefully I’ll have my own space to order soon. Beautiful, clean work. What an amazing house warming gift, too!

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