Climb hiking socks

Climb socks 1

Great classic look, my fourth knitting project from Jane Richmond’s Journey collection, the Climb pattern was simple and straightforward.  I did learn a few new techniques, including the turkish cast-on (the socks are knit toe-up) and the sewn bind-off (I’m sure I’ve done this one before, but had to look it up).

Climb socks 2

I used the same yarn as the pattern – Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in colors Dove Heather (MC), Bare (toe), and Firecracker Heather (stripe).  I have to say that I didn’t like this yarn – it was very “splitty,” and it didn’t feel very high-quality.  Even though it is a wool/nylon blend, it doesn’t feel near as bouncy or stretchy as you’d expect with sock yarn, and I’m not sure how well it’s going to wear.  But, I really wanted the exact colors – they make the socks! – so I went ahead with the yarn.

Climb socks 3

I initially knit the smallest size, and didn’t figure out until I finished the ENTIRE SOCK that there was no way it would fit!  The foot was too small, the heel too short, and I’d knit it a lot longer than the pattern called for, thinking it would look cool to be mid to high-calf length, but it was so tight around that no matter how I bound it off, I couldn’t get it to fit all the way up my leg.

Climb socks 4

Depressed that even my feet and legs were fat (there’s nothing like knitting something the wrong size to give you a complex about your weight!), I put the project away for a few weeks.  I considered using the yarn and color scheme with a different sock pattern, but I really wanted to make this one work.  So, after I’d had time to calm down a little, I went back to it, this time knitting ladies’ size medium (with a cast-on of 12 sts).  I knit 8.25″ before starting the heel gusset, and I picked up 3 sts on each side of the sole, for a total of 54 sts when starting the leg.  Finally, I knit only to the recommended length – 7.25″.

Climb socks 5

This time around, the socks fit a lot better, and they actually knit up very quickly on US 2s.  The next step is to see how well they wear, and if they hold on to enough stretch – they fit very tightly now, but I imagine that they’ll stretch out with wear, so I’m interested to see how well they bounce back into shape.  I’d like to try the same color pattern again, but this time with different colors and a different brand of yarn.

Climb socks 6

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