Little Waves cardigan in homemade jam

Little Waves cardigan 1

Another Brooklyn Tweed pattern that I couldn’t resist . . . I am seriously addicted to the beautiful designs of Jared Flood and his team!  This pattern is Little Waves, from the BT Wool People 6 collection.  I made no modifications – knit it exactly as the pattern calls for (except I have to admit that I skipped the tubular cast-ons – just lazy, I guess).  As always with Brooklyn Tweed patterns, there were new and unique elements to this project – like the little wave pattern, and particularly how the yoke was split into multiple sections and finished off as a saddle.

Little Waves cardigan 2

The directions were easy to understand, but I have to say that I had a lot of problems initially maintaining the little wave pattern once I got to the yoke section, because you really have to be able to “read” the stitches and figure out on your own, row by row, where you should be in the stitch pattern.  I messed it up for a little while (luckily it’s not too noticeable) and then figured out that, at this point, you really have to go off of the chart – that’s the only way to look down and see where the stitches are on your last row, so that you can figure out which stitch you should start on for your next row.  Before that, I’d been knitting from the written-out version of the stitch pattern (which I usually prefer, unless it’s a super-complicated pattern) – I should have switched to the chart sooner.

Little Waves cardigan 3

The sleeves are plenty long enough to fold back once, and I like how they’re wide, but not too wide, even at the cuff.  Another interesting design feature is the i-cord bind-off for the edging of the garter stitch lapels – I really like how it gives a stiffer and more substantial, defined rolled edge to the cardigan button bands.

Little Waves cardigan 4

I knit size 41 1/4″ and thought, given the photo of the cardigan on the model, that it would be pretty fitted (I initially toyed with the idea of knitting the men’s version, without the waist and bust shaping, but in the end, went with the women’s version), but when I tried it on, it seemed really oversized.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since that’s about 3″ of positive ease on me – also, I’m thinking that it might have grown a fair amount when I wet blocked it . . . I tossed it in the dryer for just a few minutes (nerve-wracking!) and that tightened it up just enough – it improved the size and shape, and I like how it tightened and fluffed up the stitching a little, too.

Little Waves cardigan 5

I knit on the recommended US 8 needles and used 10 or 11 (I can’t remember which) skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in color Homemade Jam.  I love this color, but in retrospect, I wish I’d used something brighter – like Embers or Hayloft – I think it would have shown off the stitch pattern better.  I wonder if I can get myself to knit this one again in another color . . .

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  1. Lovely sweater. That is on my list of must-knits. It looks great.

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