Stuffed hearts make a tree branch bloom!

stuffed hearts 1

Time to take down the handblown ornaments that I had hung from this large branch suspended above our kitchen island . . . but I liked the look of the branch and thought, can I use it for the next season / holiday?

stuffed hearts 2

stuffed hearts 3

What’s more perfect for Valentines Day than hearts!  This was a simple (and relatively quick) hand sewing project – I used this project idea and template from Purl Bee, doubled the size of the heart template and left off the pocket, and used whatever leftover felt and Chinese knotting cord I was able to find on my craft room shelves.

stuffed hearts 4

I could have sewn them up more quickly on the machine, but I like the hand sewn, whip stitch look:

stuffed hearts 5

stuffed hearts 6

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