Windowpanes quilt

windowpanes quilt 1

I loved this collection of Tamara Kate’s Helen’s Garden fabrics showcased here, and originally thought about making hand warmers too, but it just doesn’t usually get cold enough around here to put them to good use.  So, I thought I would mimic the look of the hand warmers all laid out by replicating it in a quilt.

windowpanes quilt 2

At first I tried reverse appliqué, just for some variety, but it was much more difficult than piecing and I didn’t think it looked different or better enough to merit the extra effort, so I reverted to traditional piecing.  My quilting simply followed the lines of the fabric blocks, which I thought nicely echoed the overall pattern.  The finished quilt is approximately 50″ x 60″ – a good throw or lap quilt size.

windowpanes quilt 3

I used the reverse appliqué portion I’d started as a pillow front, and then experimented with improvisational piecing to create a second pillow.  I interspersed some solid-colored fabrics from my stash, to keep the patterns from becoming too busy when they were all combined together and sewed next to each other.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be – I think I so much prefer clear instructions and exact cutting measurements, it was real work for me to try to be spontaneous!  If I want to do more improvisational piecing, I think I’d better take a class and work in real-time with an instructor.

windowpanes pillow 1windowpanes pillow 2

The quilt and two pillows (each 16″ x 12″) make a good gift set.  Something about the color tones and the floral patterns really appeals to me and brightens up the room 🙂

windowpanes quilt 4

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