Orchid eyelets cowl

Orchid cowl 1

This cowl is my nod to the color of the year:  Orchid.  Actually, the color name of the Knitted Wit Silky n’ Plied yarn (60% merino 40% silk) is Beaujoleus, but it looks orchid to me 🙂  I bought only one skein of this yarn, and it’s so soft and cushy that I wanted to knit it into something that would wrap closely around my neck (and require no more than 225 yards).

Inspired by a fellow Raveler’s pattern, I knit as follows:

Cast on 152 sts on US 9s
R1 – knit
R2 – Purl
R3 – eyelet (yo k2tog, repeat to end)
R4 – purl
R5 – R14 – knit
Repeat R2 through R14 again

orchid cowl 2

I managed to knit three sets of the sequence above, and then on the fourth set, I knit R5 – R10 (6 rows of knit instead of 10) because I was concerned about running out of yarn.  Then I finished with a purl row, eyelet row, purl row, and then 2 knit rows before binding off.

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