Sherpa kid’s robe

sherpa kid's robe 2

Great new project from Purl Bee!  I swear, I’m constantly amazed by how many creative and wonderful ideas the Purl Soho staff come up with, month after month and year after year.  I really enjoyed this sewing project – simple but the finished product is very user-friendly and high-quality.

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The pattern is Purl Soho’s Kid’s Robe.  Because it’s only for sizes 1-9 years, I upsized it two sizes for my 11 1/2 year-old daughter (to what I thought was equivalent to a size 12-14).  I purchased the pattern’s recommended fabric:  Michael Miller’s Organic Sherpa, and it was worth the splurge!  This snuggly, soft and plush lining really makes the project.

sherpa kid's robe 3

Instead of the Liberty of London fabrics recommended for the outer fabric – just too expensive, given the yardage I needed – I bought a similarly floral-themed lawn at Bolt.  I thought about using a cotton quilt-weight fabric for the outer layer, but I wasn’t sure it would lay right if it didn’t have the drape and thin texture of a lawn.

sherpa kid's robe 4

Except for upsizing, I followed the directions exactly – they are clear and very easy to understand.  While the pattern and sewing techniques are simple, the materials used – particularly the lawn, but the sherpa, as well – add some challenge to this project.  The only changes I made were to stitch a stay stitch all around the edges of the robe, once it was turned right side out, to hold the lining and outer fabrics in place (I was afraid that otherwise the edges would roll too much) and I machine stitched the finished edges on the sleeves (too lazy to hand stitch, and I figured it wouldn’t matter because I wanted the sleeves rolled up, anyway).

sherpa kid's robe 5

I opted for the belt instead of the snap closure, and did sew the belt onto the robe at the side seams – a nice way to make sure that the belt doesn’t get lost!  Overall, I’m very happy with how it turned out, although it’s funny how I’m always such a perfectionist when it comes to sewing projects, and they never turn out ABSOLUTELY perfect – not sure why I expect them to, but it’s hard not to compare them to the photos on the patterns and be overly critical of the work I’ve done.  I try to remember that it’s just a bathrobe – that is, what matters is how it feels and how it’s worn, not how perfect the execution is 🙂

sherpa kid's robe 6

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  1. execution looks pretty great from here!
    very snuggly too! A+ from me!

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