Cafe Society cabled cardigan

Cafe Society cabled cardigan 1

My second time with this pattern – and I much prefer this version!  I wasn’t too happy with how my first Chocolate Stout turned out, so I wanted to give it another try.  I used Plucky Knitter yarn again, but this time I used Primo Aran (merino/cashmere/nylon) instead of Rustic, and I think it looks much better.  Maybe there isn’t any nylon in Rustic, or maybe it’s just a more loosely spun yarn, but to me, it didn’t have the spring and bounce of Primo Aran that really makes this sweater look good.

I think it was the color, too; last time I knit in Milk Maid and I didn’t like the effect of such a light color in this kind of heavily cabled, shawl color grandpa-style cardigan.  I love it in this color, though – Cafe Society.

Cafe Society cabled cardigan 2

Like last time, I knit size 40″ on US 7s.  I think it took me 8 skeins (but to be honest, I lost track).  Unlike last time, I didn’t experience any problems with getting the shawl collar to lie flat.  I did knit the body of the sweater almost two inches longer, because I thought more length was needed for this style of sweater, and I’m glad I made that change; otherwise, I knit without any modifications.

For some reason, the body of the sweater went really quickly, but the sleeves seemed to take forever, which makes no sense.  Also, the shawl collar really did take forever, but that’s not surprising, given how much K1P1 ribbing it involved.  Still, this one knits up relatively quickly (for a sweater) and I do love the design, the cabling, and the fit.  I’m very glad I gave it another go!

Cafe Society cabled cardigan 3

Hey – this is my fifth sweater of 2014 (if you count the one I made for my daughter, which I do because it was small, but knit in fingering yarn, which has to at least be the equivalent of an adult sweater in worsted yarn!)  If I can finish one more before the end of the month (which I’m on track to accomplish), I’ll have knit three sweaters a month.  Whew – I’ve got to get off of this obsession with sweaters!

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