Raspberry drawstring pullover

Raspberry drawstring pullover 1

This is a classic example of a pattern that was not well-suited to me.  The pattern is Eased (bulky version) by Alicia Plummer.  Although I knit with the same yarn as the sample pattern, got gauge, and knit the size that best fit me (40.5″), it’s just not flattering.  I like the top half well enough, and the drawstring neck is a cool feature, and the decreases at the waist give it some shape — good up to this point.  However, when I tried it on, the increases at the hip stuck out so badly that it looked like I was a teapot, and the 5″ of ribbing at the bottom was even more unattractive.

Raspberry drawstring pullover 2

Discouraged, I frogged all the way back to where the hip increases had first started.  I skipped any further increases, knit a shorter length, and kept the ribbing at the bottom to only 3 inches.  Also, I just bound off in pattern; I tried the JSSO bind-off suggested by the pattern, but it just made the bottom of the ribbing look really floppy.  I am a lot happier with how it turned out the second time around, although I still think that the fit is less than flattering.

The sleeves fit fine and the length was right-on – again, I skipped the JSSO bind-off, it just wasn’t necessary.  I always love Swan’s Island yarn, although I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy knitting with this bulky version as much as I’ve loved the worsted – it tended to split, and didn’t have the bounce and spring of, say, Quince & Co’s Osprey yarn.  Also, based on the photo on the pattern, I thought I’d get more color variation, but instead it’s just pretty much one big block of raspberry pink.

Raspberry drawstring pullover 3

On the upside, the sweater knit up incredibly quickly on US 11 needles.  And, I used only 7 skeins of Swan’s Island Bulky (color Raspberry), instead of the 8 called for in the pattern.  The sweater is comfy and cozy, and I’m sure I’ll wear it around home, but I think it’s definitely a pattern that is written to be more flattering on people with less . . . shall we say “shape” than I have 🙂

Raspberry drawstring pullover 4

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. Although, I think it looks pretty good on you. Just sayin’. 🙂

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