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Kitty Dreams 1

This sewing project was both a success and a failure.  First, the success . . .it was my first time sewing with knits, and by using a specialized sewing machine needle and knit stitch on the machine, it went very smoothly.  Another successful aspect of the project was the clearly written directions – I was able to sew both the leggings and the tunic with little to no confusion.  I particularly liked the pattern’s focus on details that make the project look more finished and professional.

The failure, however, was the fitting – I originally tried to sew this for my 11-year-old, which shouldn’t have been a problem since the pattern is sized through age 12.  However, when I measured my daughter, her measurements were all much bigger than those listed on the pattern (inches across chest, arm length, inseam, etc).  I have no idea how Oliver + S came up with its sizes, because my daughter is a typical size for an eleven-year-old (at the 50th percentile for height and weight, according to her last doctor’s visit).  I’d really like to know how the pattern concluded what the size of a typical twelve-year-old is!

To compensate, I increased the size of the pattern pieces.  For the leggings, this was very successful, although I had to REALLY increase all of the dimensions.  But when it came to the tunic, even though I added multiple inches to the bodice, it was still WAY too small.  Good thing I have three girls of differing sizes . . . it became a project for my nine-year-old!  In my opinion, this pattern is sized small – I would always sew the next size up, instead of the child’s actual age/size.  Most frustrating of all, it’s WAY too big for my just turning nine-year-old — even after I completely hemmed and took in the pants, and cut down the length of the tunic and the sleeves.  It looks like she’s wearing her big sister’s clothes – shoot!

Kitty Dreams 2

Pattern:  Oliver + S playtime dress, tunic and leggings
Leggigs fabric:  Not sure exactly what this is – a nice lavender knit I bought at Bolt
Tunic fabric:  Kitty Dreams (Catnap collection by Lizzy House)
Tunic facing fabric:  Peach-colored solid from my fabric stash

I experimented with trimming out the sleeves with bias tape – I like the look, but it makes the sleeve cuffs somewhat stiff, which for this piece is a nice finish, but I’m not sure I’d like it for a different type of a top.

Takeaway – I’d definitely use the pattern again to whip up knit leggings – it was very quick and easy, and you could make these in a rainbow of colors for easy-wear coordinates.  However, if I want to upsize this pattern again, I’m going to need to do a better job of using some of my daughter’s current clothing to create new pattern pieces.

Kitty Dreams 3

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