Toffee and maple syrup pullover

Toffee and maple syrup pullover 1

This was a kismet project – I was gathering up my collection of leftover Plucky Knitter yarns to put them away, and I was holding these two yarns next to each other and thought, these colors look great together!  Because I only had two skeins of the Cozy and a partial skein of the Traveler Aran, I knew it had to be a smaller project, so I settled on a pullover for my youngest daughter.

Pattern:  Flax from Tin Can Knits

Yarn:  Plucky Knitter Cozy (90% merino / 10% baby camel), 2 skeins of color Rapunzel (260 yds/ea) – probably 1/4 of second skein remaining, and Plucky Knitter Traveler Aran (65% merino / 20% silk / 15% yak), partial skein (probably about 3/4 of 220-yard skein) of color Sticky Toffee

Needles:  US 8s (US 6s for ribbing)

Size:  8-10 yrs

Toffee and maple syrup pullover 2

I borrowed the striping pattern from another Raveler; the striping on the body of the sweater is in the Fibonachi sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21).  I think it’s a great balance of variety and order.

I think it’s a little long – and I even knit it an inch shorter than the pattern called for – but I guess it will give her room to grow.

I do love how these colors complement each other, and the two different yarns knit up together perfectly.  I think that next to the Sticky Toffee, the Rapunzel color way looks more like maple syrup, so I renamed it 🙂

Toffee and maple syrup pullover 3

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