Picante stripes baby cardigan

Picante stripes baby cardigan 1

This is such a cute baby sweater, and I love the colors!  There’s nothing as quick and satisfying as a baby sweater knit in worsted yarn 🙂  In this instance, I actually used Knitted Wit fingering super wash merino (colors Picante and Naked), held double.  I used just about every bit of the 380 yards of each of the two skeins – I love it when I don’t have yarn left over!

The pattern is Little Coffee Bean, and I got gauge with US 8s (US 7s for ribbing) as recommended by the pattern.  I knit size 12-month, which I think is an ideal size for a baby gift (so baby has something new to wear after all of the newborn clothes are outgrown!)

Picante stripes baby cardigan 2

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